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Friday, August 18, 2017

Fish Music - Suzanne Ciani

Fish Music - Suzanne Ciani 
1971 Experimental Electronic

I saw the Suzanne Ciani documentary 'A Life In Waves' recently and was floored, her contributions to electronic music are insane. I've been on a Ciani music addiction lately and noticed this song wasn't uploaded online. I thought the backstory was interesting and decided to upload it. It was a 2017 record store day exclusive, sold on a one sided 7" for like 30+ dollars, which is a little insane if you ask me.

Composed in 1971 for the opening of the Woodfield mall in Schaumburg, Ill. The shopping center’s developers hired Ciani, then in her mid-20s, to create an immersive soundtrack to accompany a complex of three large aquariums stocked with exotic fish and displayed in the mall’s Grand Court.

Read more about it in the newspaper here:

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