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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

New Gals' Wave

New Gals' Wave
Unknown, Cassette 
Japan / Pop / City Pop / Electronic / Funk 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Imaginary Criticsm A Man Is What I Need

Imaginary Criticsm Featuring Tammy Michelle 

A Man Is What I Need

Studio Records ‎– STU 3711
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM 

full ep uploaded! peep my youtube channel 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Love & Heaven Recorded at Beat Base

Love Universal - Love & Heaven Recorded at Beat Base
Funk / Soul 

found at everydaymusic in Seattle

Monday, July 23, 2018

Michael Cooper ‎– To Prove My Love

Michael Cooper ‎– To Prove My Love
1987 US
Electronic / Synth-pop / Funk / Soul / Boogie

Just Us ‎– Not Your Lover

Just Us ‎– Not Your Lover
1992 - Seattle
Electronic / New Jack Swing / Funk / Soul / Hip Hop / Boogie

picked up at EveryDayMusic in capitol hill

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hello, I never shared here but check out this website I made to automatically generate album tracklists

It will generate times like so:

00:00 - 03:30 Righteous Apples - 01 - Are You There 03:30 - 07:25 Righteous Apples - 02 - Let It Go 07:25 - 11:29 Righteous Apples - 03 - Your Turn To Love 11:29 - 15:48 Righteous Apples - 04 - I Get It From You 15:48 - 18:34 Righteous Apples - 05 - Silver City Blues 18:34 - 24:25 Righteous Apples - 06 - Merry Go Round 24:25 - 30:00 Righteous Apples - 07 - I'm Walking Happy 30:00 - 34:54 Righteous Apples - 08 - Stay In School

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Questions with FOND/SOUND

Here are some interview questions with a fellow music blogger FOND/SOUND.

What is your name / blog?


Hi, I’m Diego Olivas, the one-man operation behind FOND/SOUND.

How long have you been running your blog?


I’ve been running FOND/SOUND since 2016. Before I conceived of FOND/SOUND, around 2014, I ran an old blogger site called A-Track-A-Day which literally was as it stated: me reviewing a track I love, a day. Around late 2015, I took a one year hiatus to really decide what I wanted to tackle next. I felt burned out at the pace I was writing. 

Somewhere, down the line, I thought I should translate the ideas I cultivated there (to really go deep into a given genre or style) and move this creative process into immersive, curated writing that could promote other styles very few knew anything about. The music of Japan, Brazil, Old Europe, and fourth world, plus all sorts of other less-heralded Pop genres seemed like great places to venture into.


Since 11/20/16 it would appear, although originally I bought the domain to redirect to a tumblr so that I could post playlists from my college radio shows, but eventually I got so inspired by YouTube music uploaders and re-release labels like MusicFromMemory that I wanted to start 

What is your current favorite video you've uploaded?


Hiroshi Yoshimura at '86 Hinoemata Performance Festival

I would love to say it’s a music video, but I just love this performance video of Hiroshi Yoshimura acting like the ageless savant that he became, amongst the people, in some park out in Tokyo. As people of all ages understand, and integrate the kind of performance he is after (and is asked of them) they all seem to tap into that wonderful spirit rare birds, of which Hiroshi was, can suss out of people. It’s a deeply spiritual video that I can’t quantify in words.


I really like this weird UK synth-pop song, has some very weird sounding out of tune chords, very cool!!!

Current favorite release you've uploaded?


Kyoko Koizumi: カントリー・リビング

I really should feel bad favoriting it because: a) it’s a cover of a cover and b) it’s really me wishing y’all could listen to the original Subliminal Calm vocal version (Country Living -- my real, favorite release) which a Japanese label chose to block “due to copyright”. If you can listen to both and soak in the vibrations of them all. What is it? Take one part meditative Japanese folk, fold in some sophisticated Philly soul-type of balladry, and then stew over it some gorgeous lovers rock mixing technique, Subliminal Calm really hit all my notes perfectly here and Kyoko’s rework isn’t that far behind.


Metric Man

A very weird, unique sounding album, comprised entirely of songs describing the metric system. I love weird niche uploads and was so happy to find that this album contains some pretty catchy synth tracks. 

What is your most underrated upload?


Takashi Toyoda: Sea

Perhaps because most viewers are lacking bass in their headphones, or they need to invest in better speakers, there’s just some reason people are totally sleeping on the twisty ambient dub of Takashi Toyoda’s “Sea”. On a good system, the slippery bass line seems to burrow into whatever crevice your mind meets your booty, making it both subversively funky and cloyingly meditative (in a way you won’t hear much elsewhere).


Brooking the Underside - Honeyburn

I really think this is a great indie shoegaze demo tape, amazing quality, and its something that I always find myself going back to listen to. 

Upload you would give anything to have a physical copy of?


Edson Natale - Nina Maika (1990)

It’s an album I’ve already written about but had to scrounge a digital copy of from the least likeliest place I could imagine. Being that this digital rip sounds decidedly lo-fi, I can only imagine how much “sparklier” the original should sound. Hearing Edson’s floating MPB coursing pristinely through my speakers, on a cool summer day, seems the ideal, placid setting to truly take in his masterpiece. The lack of Discogs availability makes it an even more frustrating thing to contemplate actually doing. Perhaps a reissue would one day solve this problem?


I uploaded one track from this album that I found floating around online and really enjoy it, pretty unique sounding Hawaii Psych-Rock, would love to hear the full album and see if there are any more bangers present.

Album you would give anything to upload?


Julio Saínz ‎– Julio Saínz (1989)

If anyone out there can help a brother (from another mother) out I would love to share Julio Sainz’s sole mini-LP. Entirely self-released, to me it sounds like the unlikely marriage of ambient-minded Pink Floyd (think the quiet, folky bits on Meddle or The Wall) and the ideas found on El Cometa De Madrid’s record label. From the very brief samples shared already, one wonders why Julio disappeared entirely off the map after this releaase. I have tried, with great failure, to actually reach him, simply to ask him the why and the what’s about this album and his life. 


Groove City ‎– Import Mixes 4

The tracks off this 1995 Kwaito House compilation are pretty great, and I wish I had a physical copy so I could rip the tracks in high definition!

What is your process for finding things to upload?


My process is simple: share something that goes with the season. Normally, I already gravitate towards “world” music, but I try keep myself focused by not straying to far into music that’s bereft of emotion. Experimental music is nice but it has to be couched in touching someone’s soul. 

Right now, the music of Japan, Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and Africa seems far more in tune with my own sensibilities because of its lack of foothold. There’s less baggage to it than most “Western” music. When I upload something it’s because its touched my soul/heart, in some way. The best music is timeless. So, I try to share something that has withstood the test of time, and would fit “environmentally” in our current day/time.


I have a huge folder of hundreds of blogspot blogs I find online, so I can always look through those to find something that catches my eye/ear, and if I can somehow improve how its uploaded online (higher quality, better album art, etc) then I'll upload it. Other than that honestly its just acting on impulse, if I hear a song I like I think 'hmmm where can I find this full album', then I try to find it online and the rest is history. Going to record stores too sometimes produces good digs, although it takes a while to find a gem because I look up every single record on my phone to check if its been uploaded yet. 

Is there a release that you think has a really cool backstory?


Cartola - Cartola (1974)

There really are so many backstories that I could go into. I particularly love Jean-Michel Gascuel’s story of coming into music as a non-musician and becoming this pop star out of nowhere, same goes with Steve Hiett’s exiling himself to Japan as a photographer only to come back with an album that spoke of his ties to music. My favorite stories though are the stories of struggle. 

One that always brings a tear into my eye is Cartola’s nearly lifelong toil to get his samba music recorded for others to enjoy. A pioneering sambista, it was he who helped create many of the songs taught in the early schools of samba. However, being of humble roots and running afoul with the authorities, all of that, led him to resigning from a musical career and (with time) found him working odd jobs to survive. It wasn’t until some young bossa nova journalist found him working in a car wash, somewhere, and heard him singing that he was rediscovered at the ripe age of 66. 

By the time he recorded Cartola recorded his first album, years of reflecting and cultivating from his own life, brought him to the gorgeous music of his self-titled debut. Mature songs, in the best way, songs about love, death, and life now struck with the potency his earlier music never quite reached. Somehow, in all that time, after losing his first wife to illness, he rekindled a love with his first love (of many moons before) and brought her along to this new stage in his life. One, where finally, he got his just due. For Cartola, it was merely the ability to have songs his family and wife could hear on the radio that brought him full circle in a life full of doubt and struggle. There’s so much more to this story, but all of it just feels me with a good feeling, I once in a while need to tap into.


Kick It! (Tuff Jam's Back To Roots Dub) - Reggae Boyz 

I think the backstory behind this EP is bretty cool, released by the 1998 Jamaican national football team as they were playing in the world cup. Got me inspired to start collecting music made by sports teams but that is an incredible niche and weird topic. 

Any advice you would give to other youtube music uploaders / bloggers?


Develop your taste. Nothing gets you further in life and in any kind of creative process, than asking more of where you landed. If you liked a certain artist, dig deeper. What were their influences? How did the era affect them? Who, in the creation of this album moved them? For me, I’ve always been interested in writing stories and sharing music of those that time, somehow, passed by. Championing a lost cause, is never truly a losing battle, it just means you have to develop tools to make a better case. If you have a blog, develop through the layout, logos, written voice, what exactly makes you the arbiter of this particular taste and how it all ties itself together. Make connections. People will respond. They always do.


Be careful of the YouTube copyright system, it can kill years of progress if you're not careful. A good way to get around this is to spam your Facebook page/some other profile down everyone's throat, so that if your channel does get removed, people can easily find your next uploads. 
Also adding all your videos to discogs pages is a great way to ensure longevity. 
And generally find your passion, the thing that drives me to do this is to contribute to the archiving of music online. I get so pissed off when I find a cool album and it's not available online anywhere, in my mind it's completely justified to spend $100 buying, ripping, tagging, and uploading a record because you contribute to the music community online. 

Are there any channels you subscribe to, that you love to check out? 


It's rare that I turn on notifications for another music YouTuber, but I've had them on for ultradiskopanorama
 for a while and am never disappointed always great pop/funk stuff from around the world. Much love!

What led you to your channel or to blog?


The drive to give back to the online music community, and contribute to the archiving of records online. I want everybody to be able to listen to everything for free. 

How much time do you dedicate to your site/channel?


It depends, if I'm super busy on school/personal projects that further my career those take top priority, but I'm always paying attention to the music I listen to. Even if I'm super busy I am listening to music, which inevitably leads me to finding obscure stuff I want to upload. I've gotten pretty good at uploading stuff fast, and am always trying to develop ways I can expedite the process, such as making my website

Most slept on blog, channel, or social media account?


It's hard for me to pick one that rules them all, but this one rocks!

And that's it! Thank you Diego for contributing to this article! Check out FOND/SOUND here:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kham Mueang Disco - Khana Mai Sak

Kham Mueang Disco - Khana Mai Sak
Indonesia - 80's Disco 

01. อุ๊ยคำ (ui kham)
02. สาวมอร์เตอร์ไซค์ (sao motorcy')
03. หยุบมือกำ (yup mue kam)
04. คนสึ่งตึง (khon sueng tueng)
05. แก๋งเนื้อ (kaeng nuea)
06. ผักกาดจอ (phak kat cho)
07. บ่เกย (bo koei)
08. ฮักอ้ายซักคน (hak ai sak khon)
09. เมาตายห่า (mao tai ha)
10. อุ๊ยคำ (ui kham)
11. สาวมอร์เตอร์ไซค์ (sao motorcy')
12. หยุบมือกำ (yup mue kam)
13. คนสึ่งตึง (khon sueng tueng)
14. แก๋งเนื้อ (kaeng nuea)
15. ผักกาดจอ (phak kat cho)
16. บ่เกย (bo koei)
17. ฮักอ้ายซักคน (hak ai sak khon)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

Don Moore ‎– There's A Party Going On!

Don Moore ‎– There's A Party Going On!
Funk / Soul / Disco / Electronic
US - 198?

my vinyl rip, enjoy

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Juicy ‎– Nobody But You

Juicy ‎– Nobody But You
US 1985
Funk / Soul / Electronic

Susy Pintus ‎– E' L'Amore

Susy Pintus ‎– E' L'Amore
Italy - 198? 
Electronic / New Wave / Pop

weird album, honestly a bit of a miss IMO but these two tracks are alright