Martin Radio: June 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Arkady Khoralov - Strange World
1988, USSR
New Wave, Synth-pop, Disco

Some crazy 1988 Russian Synth-pop, for the uploads I translated to English, but the download is the Russian track-listing. 

        A1 Лишний Билет 4:33
        A2 Странный Мир 5:43
A3 Эдельвейс 5:17
        A4 Дождь Прошел 5:12
                B1 Новогодние Игрушки 4:36
B2 Скажи, Зачем 4:40
B3 День И Ночь 4:07
        B4 Песня Без Слов 6:19

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ashiko ‎– Umaseven
South Africa, 1987
Synth-pop, Disco, Pop

Ashiko is translated as "world of time" - no time to lose. thie band Ashiko was Alpheus Mofokeng (lead vocals), Thomas Tladi (guitar), Innocent Hala (keyboards), Diliza Manela (keyboards), Bonakele Mbambisa (keyboads) and Skipper Shabalala (guitar). In 1980 the released their album Get Ready. It was followed by others like Gumba Fire (1986), Umaseven (1987) and Wachaggo Man (1988)" (Mojapelo, 2008:153).

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Stimela ‎– Rewind
1995, South Africa
Synth-pop, electronic, funk

YU - Recordings 1982-1987
Synth-pop, Punk, New Wave, Experimental

Full album: (in a nice playlist)

YU are Dwaine Woodliff, his brother David and Gaylon. When the punk ethic of do it yourself-thing hit Austin/Texas in the early 80s, they also decided to actually record some songs and released them on cassette. “We Are YU” was released in 1982 on their own label 'Home Productions'

Release compiles the best of various cassette releases:
A1 to A8 were previously released on We Are Yu (1982).
B1 to C3 were previously released on Illusion Of Control (1985).
C4 and C5 were previously released on Art & Guns" (1986).
D1 to D7 were previously released on Songs of Science (1987).

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Honeyburn (1993)

Honeyburn (1993)
Dreampop, Shoegaze

This is a demo tape recorded in 1993. Honeyburn was formed in the summer of 1992 by Michael Snyder and Erin Durbin. Inspired by the late 80s/early 90s shoegazer scene, they began the difficult search for guitar players in the industrial town of Dayton, Ohio. Mike Volk and Mike Smith were recruited from flyers hung up around town. Together they forged a unique wall of sound with the help of Erin Durbin's hushed, beautiful vocals floating overhead. They shared the stage with the likes of Medicine, Sugarplant, King Kong, Swearing at Motorists, Ass Ponys, and Brainiac, They released a cassette tape of recordings in 1994 and followed it up with a split 7 inch with fellow Dayton band, Cigarhead. 1996 brought another 7 inch on Detroit's Trout Records. SpinArt Records took notice of the band and in 1995 added them to a compilation called "Lemon Lime". They were side-by-side with such artists as The Apples In Stereo, Tizzy, Holiday Flyer, and Ultra Cindy. In 1996, Mike Snyder left the band to pursue his master's degree in graduate school out of state. Matt Schulz (now of Enon) came on board as the band's new drummer. The band broke up in late 1996 to pursue other interests.
released July 1, 1993 

Erin Durbin: bass, vocals 
Mike Smith: guitar 
Michael Snyder: percussion 
Mike Volk: guitar 

Engineered and produced by Nick Mitchell and Honeyburn 
July 1993

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Children's Ice Cream ‎– Enclouded
1994 7" Space Rock
Vinyl Rip 

A side is kindof a meh experimental noise track, but the B side is a pretty tight repetitive space rock journey. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

J.O.B Band - Live at the Point After - 20 Aug 1977

J.O.B Band - Live at the Point After
20 Aug 1977 
Funk / Soul


Live At The Point After, 20 August 1977, 6136 N. Tulsa, Oklahoma

JOB's musical journey started as students at the famed Booker T Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. United by a shared love of soul music and sweet harmonies, singers James Davis, Ollie Carbin, and singer-songwriter & musician Billy Bruner began to jam together and eventually formed their own band, J.O.B, upon graduation in 1977, setting to work building a reputation by playing local parties, venues and fashion shows. Very quickly the word of mouth on J.O.B became so strong that they were offered a house band gig at North Tulsa's most popular after hours spot, The Point After. During their tenure at the famed late night spot many bigger acts came to see J.O.B when in town. Tulsa's own Gap Band, Chaka Khan, and Bootsy's Rubber band all paying homage to the trio. It's extremely rare to find good quality recordings from local clubs of this era so we were delighted when this ¼ tape turned up in Billy's archive, so sit back and transport yourself back to Saturday evening, 20 August 1977.

Full Album: