Martin Radio: July 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Brother To Brother ‎– Shades In Creation
US 1977
Disco / Funk 

Friday, July 28, 2017

No Smoke ‎– Righteous Rule
1991 House
Warriors Dance ‎– ERD-32691

I was going through the Warriors Dance label and came across this excellent gem. The vocal version of 'Righteous Rule' wasn't online anywhere, so I thought I would upload it. 

Engineer, Mixed By – Ragga Funk
Producer – Jah Tekla, Tony Addis
Written-By – Jah Tekla

Recorded at Addis Ababa Studios, London, England 
Manufactured & Distributed by Embassy Records Ltd., NY, NY

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Salero ‎– Baila Que Baila

Salero ‎– Baila Que Baila
1984 Spain
Italo-Disco, Electronic

Some nice italo-disco, just look at that album artwork. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mr. T Bill Thomson Plays The Yamaha Electone E-70
Bill Thomson
1972 US
Jazz / Pop / Electronic / Synth-pop

Any album that has was made for a specific instrument (in this case, the Yamaha Electone E-70) has to be good. This was released by Yamaha themselves, as promotion for their new electronic Organ, which features automated bass lines and drum beats. This album has got some synth-pop cuts on it that I think are pretty great. Not to mention that killer cover art. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Yumi Matsutoya ‎– Voyager

Yumi Matsutoya ‎– Voyager
Japan, 1983
Synth-pop, Disco, Pop, Electronic

B3Tropic Of Capricorn

Friday, July 21, 2017

Chuck Sibit ‎– Hey Girl / She's Gone

Chuck Sibit ‎– Hey Girl / She's Gone
1972 US
Soul / Funk
Ultra-Class ‎– 987S-2001

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Margaret Singana ‎– Lady Africa
1973 South Africa
Jazz / Funk / Soul

Some south African funk / soul from the wonderful Margaret Singana, listen, download, and enjoy.

The South Side Movement – Southside Movement
1973, US
Funk / Soul

The band hail from Chicago, with no less than eight wonderful ingredients for your auditory pleasure: vocals (Melvin Moore), guitar (Bobby Pointer), keyboard (Morris Beeks), bass (Ronald Simmons), drums (Willie Hayes), alto saxophone (Milton Johnson), trumpet (Stephen Hawkins), and trombone (Bill McFarland). They started out as the backing band of the funkalicious duo, Simtec & Wylie, probably most famous for their glorious ‘Gotta get over the hump’, among others from the early 70s.  However the pair parted company in 1973, which may have precipitated the move of their backing band to the Wand label where they secured a record deal.  Their eponymous debut came out the same year (the first of three in total) with a rather fetching tablecloth advertisement on its cover.  I’ll assume that the gentleman refusing to be part of a picnic hamper is the lead singer

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MartinRadio Mix 2

MartinRadio Mix 2

Feeling the summer heat? Enjoy a mix of rare disco/funk/soul records, sure to make you tap your feet uncontrollably and introduce you to tons of great music. Just remember, it's not old if you haven't heard it yet.

Individual songs available to download

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Shoody ‎– Tomorrow's Child
1980, Japan
Disco, Funk, Electronic

A1 Prologue "Corvigla"
A2 Tokyo Melody
A3 Don't Say Hello, Don't Say Goodbye
A4 A.M. Lonely
B1 Chased The Blue
B2 Ecstasy
B3 Tomorrow's Child
B4 Melodies Of Love (When The World Turns Blue)

Friday, July 7, 2017

Martin Radio Mix 1

A mix of some rare gospel, disco, funk, and soul records put together neatly. I'm trying something with this upload, where if you like the mix you can download the 19 minute mp3 file below, AND if you like any individual songs you can download a folder of each song unmixed. Hopefully you hear something you like!

Douglas & Lonero - This Time
Marta Acuna - Dance Dance Dance
Prophet - You Really Turn Me On
Anubis - Ecology
The Family Tree - 150th Psalm
Javaroo ‎– Out!
Electronic, Funk / Soul

A1 Bring Out The Woman 4:02
A2 Change It Up 3:37
A3 Breakin' In 3:06
A4 Love Is Running Through Me 4:35
A5 Problem Child 3:43
B1 The Buzz 3:46
B2 Javaroo 4:42
B3 Behind My Eyes 4:02
B4 Bedroom Secrets 4:03
B5 Leave You Wantin' More 4:29
BONUS TRACK: Bonus Track - Breakin' in(Long version)

Hurricanes Bomb - Calgary Hurricanes 
Japan 1986
Rock, Electronic, Jazz, Funk

A very strange record I happened to come across. No discogs listing as of yet, and I had to decipher the Japanese track-listing, hence why some songs on this rip are titled 'B1' or 'A6". 

I also couldn't find a high-res image of the album cover online, so I tried to make my own by scanning in pieces of the album on my small printer. Makes me want to buy a bigger printer! The image in my youtube vids is the pieced together album art I created. 

Excellent mix of Soul, Funk and Rock on this rarely seen Japanese wrestling record. Awesome stuff!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wa'de ‎– Mister Big Mouth
South African, 1989
Synth-pop, Disco, Electronic

side one:
1. Bushy Bushy
2. Khal 'iphepha
3. Chibuku

side two:
1. Pele Pele
2. Nightmare
3. Mr. Big Mouth

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Andy Clarke ‎– Night Sensations
Funk, Disco, Electronic
Themes International Music ‎– TIM 1040

A1 Kickback 3:53
A2 Plain Talk (a) 2:21
A3 Plain Talk (b) 1:32
A4 Hit And Run 3:22
A5 It's Me! 2:16
A6 Shakedown (a) 4:02
A7 Shakedown (b) 2:16
B1 Summer Nights (a) 2:51
B2 Summer Nights (b) 2:51
B3 Funk Nouveau 4:12
B4 Night Sensations 3:24
B5 Come Alive 3:01
B6 Street Magic 2:47