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Monday, December 25, 2017

BEST OF 2017


Who doesn't like best of lists? Here are my favorite releases this year. 
I'm really happy with the music I shared in 2017, it was the year I hit my highest subscriber count on my now-closed channel, here's to meeting that number on my new channel in 2018!

Ssleeping Desiress - Can You Hear Me?
I had never heard of Ssleeping DesiresS before this song, it's just a one-off thing they released on bandcamp but wow I love it. Great post-punk jangle-pop type stuff, completely different from any of their other music. But one of my favorite songs this year.

JIL - Pink
All of JIL's music is amazing, this artist needs to be on your radar for 2018. 

Charli xcx - i got it
A. G. Cook has done amazing production here. Really happy to see him and the whole pcmusic crew creating forward thinking pop music. 

Xenoula - Caramello
Great experimental pop / electronic album, with great production by LA Priest!

Daphni - Life's What You Make It
The solo project from Caribou main guy whatever his name is, great album, the fabriclive mix also is awesome.

Jamire Williams - Futurism (Daphni Edit)
My favorite super short track from the fabriclive mix.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine 
Love the production from SebastiAn, one of my favorite ed banger members.

Soulwax - 'Is It Always Binary' 
From Deewee took a while for me to like, I'm still not a huge fan of some of the songs on the album but their live show is something else. Very rare to see a live show with actual art direction now a days, and this music video illustrates it perfectly.

Tenyson - Pancake Feet
Crazy interesting unique stuff from Tennyson.

Mk.gee - I know how you get
Essential indie pop

Yaeji - Raingirl
Love some unique house music

Ride - Lannoy Point
The return of Ride with amazing production by Erol Alkan!

Tierra Whack - MUMBO JUMBO
Beautiful music video and moody song, MODERN!!

SOPHIE - Ponyboy
I remember seeing SOPHIE live in 2016, SOPHIE has so many amazing unreleased songs, I've been listening to live concert bootlegs for YEARS, need more releases!!!

Kelly Lee Owens - Evolution
Great synth-pop acid electronic stuff, amazing album!

infinite bisous - w/love [full album]
Amazing album, teleports me to a different more melancholy place. 

Vince Staples - Yeah Right
Crazy SOPHIE production on this track, sophie has to be one of my favorite artists rn, such a unique and recognizable production style. Need more sophie!!

Charly Bliss - Westermark
The most indie song I've ever heard. Makes me feel like I'm at summer camp. 

Men I Trust - Tailwhip
Love men i trust, need more of their music!!

Cloudface - baby j
moodhut deep house, need I say more?

Pyramides - Vacíos y variables [Full Album]
great indie rock album from a south american band

well that's my list, here's to 2018! more uploads, more mixes, more new things, I hope I've helped people discover new music!!

- martin

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sun Ra

Sun Ra

Music and interviews from Sun Ra, the cosmic American experimental jazz musician / poet / composer.

Sun Ra and His Arkestra “Moonship Journey”
Sun Ra “Ufo”
Sun Ra “Dance of the Cosmo Aliens”
Sun Ra “The Sky Is a Sea of Darkness When There Is No Sun”
Sun Ra “Outer Spaceways Incorporated”
Sun Ra “there are other worlds they have not told you off”
Sun Ra “Door of the Cosmos” 
Sun Ra and His Arkestra “india”
Sun Ra “Interplanetary Music” SINGLE
Sun Ra “Tenderness”
Sun Ra “Saturn Rings / Friendly Galaxy”

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Demos / Bedroom Tapes

Early demo recordings of songs as well as unreleased gems from both well known and underground artists. Expect great unheard outtakes, demo, and bedroom recordings from Paul McCartney, Joy Division, David Bowie, A-Ha, New Order, and more...

Distractions (1988 Demo) - Paul McCartney
Lesson One (Take On Me 1982 Demo) - A-Ha
Wouldn't You Love To Love Me (Demo) - Prince
Techno Pop (Unreleased Demo) - Kraftwerk
Seven Sports For All (1980 Demo) - China Crisis
I Missed Again (demo) - Phil Collins 
Wild Wild Life (demo) - Talking Heads
The Second Arangement (Outtake 2) - Steely Dan
Dream Attack (Demo) - New Order
Shadowplay (RCA Demo) - Joy Division
Monkey Gone To Heaven (Demo) - Pixies
Is There Life After Marrige (alt) - David Bowie
Walking With Jesus (Demo) - Spacemen 3
Joy of a Toy (Demo) - The Soft Machine 
Power To The People (demo) - Curtis Mayfield
Uphill [extended mono demo mix] - Can

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The New Dance Show [Detroit House/Techno]

The New Dance Show [Detroit House/Techno]

Music from the 1988 Detroit public access techno dance show "The New Dance Show" which originally aired on WGPR-TV 62.


  • 1No UFOs (D-Mix) by Model 500
  • 2You Use To Hold Me by Ralphi Rosario
  • 3Blow Your House Down by A Guy Called Gerald
  • 4We Come To Rock by Imperial Brothers
  • 5Who's Stickin' It, Pt. I & II by Sunrize
  • 6Big Fun by inner City
  • 7Just give the D.J. a break (12" Club Version) by Dynamix II
  • 9Clear by Cybotron
  • 10No Way Back by Adonis
  • 11Bounce Your Body to the Box (Original Mix) by Reese & Santonio
  • 12Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22
  • 13Spank Spank by Phuture
  • 14Numbers by Kraftwerk
  • 15Revenge Of The X-Men (Instrumental) by THE UNKNOWN DJ ft. X-MEN & DJ SLIP

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The New Boyfriends ‎– 1990

The New Boyfriends ‎– 1990
1990 South Africa
Electronic / Funk / Synth-Pop

Vinyl rip

Johnny Pate ‎– "The Killing" Shaft TV Series Soundtrack

Johnny Pate ‎– "The Killing" Shaft TV Series Soundtrack 
1973 US
Jazz / Soul / Funk

The original "Shaft" movie soundtrack featured Issac Hayes, the sound track for the TV series was done by Johnny Pate. This is the soundtrack for the episode "The Killing" which originally aired on October 30, 1973.

The Couriers ‎– Sing With Us

The Couriers ‎– Sing With Us
US 1974
Electronic / Gospel / Folk

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt

Take a trip through an eclectic mix of music from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and more. Including funk and synth-pop rarities as well as some strange covers of western artists such as Donna Summers.

Hamid El Shari “Oyown Horiyat”
Mohamed Samir “?”
Ahmed Fakroun “Nisyan (Edit)” 
Sharon “Aaj Ki Raat (Love To Love You, Baby - Donna Summer Cover )” SINGLE
Hamid Al Sha'ery “Reit”
Fadoul aka Bob Fadoul “Fi Jamique”
Ihsan Al Munzer “Jamileh”
from Belly Dance Disco - Single (Fortuna Records)
Zohra “Badala Zamana”
Ahmed Fakroun “Yo SonSahranin (Edit De Prince Language)” 
Ihsan Al-Munzer “Shish Kebab” 
Dalton “Alech”
Fadoul “Al Zman Saib” (HABIBI Funk Records)
Khamis Henkesh “El Disco” 
Ahmed Fakroun “R'bee Snini I” SINGLE

Friday, October 13, 2017

Lola ‎– Work It

Lola ‎– Work It
Lola Records ‎– LLR 1011
US 1989

Lola Records was a NYC House / Disco project active in the late 80's involving Bob Blank and Lola Blank with contributions from Arthur Russell.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Female Electronic Pioneers Mix

Female Electronic Pioneers Mix 

The yearly ‘Top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s In The World’ list has never once included a female, which is sad considering the important role women played in creating some of the first ever electronic music. This is a mix of influential female electronic pioneers such as Laurie Spiegel, Wendy Carlos, Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, and more.