Martin Radio: November 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sun Ra

Sun Ra

Music and interviews from Sun Ra, the cosmic American experimental jazz musician / poet / composer.

Sun Ra and His Arkestra “Moonship Journey”
Sun Ra “Ufo”
Sun Ra “Dance of the Cosmo Aliens”
Sun Ra “The Sky Is a Sea of Darkness When There Is No Sun”
Sun Ra “Outer Spaceways Incorporated”
Sun Ra “there are other worlds they have not told you off”
Sun Ra “Door of the Cosmos” 
Sun Ra and His Arkestra “india”
Sun Ra “Interplanetary Music” SINGLE
Sun Ra “Tenderness”
Sun Ra “Saturn Rings / Friendly Galaxy”

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Demos / Bedroom Tapes

Early demo recordings of songs as well as unreleased gems from both well known and underground artists. Expect great unheard outtakes, demo, and bedroom recordings from Paul McCartney, Joy Division, David Bowie, A-Ha, New Order, and more...

Distractions (1988 Demo) - Paul McCartney
Lesson One (Take On Me 1982 Demo) - A-Ha
Wouldn't You Love To Love Me (Demo) - Prince
Techno Pop (Unreleased Demo) - Kraftwerk
Seven Sports For All (1980 Demo) - China Crisis
I Missed Again (demo) - Phil Collins 
Wild Wild Life (demo) - Talking Heads
The Second Arangement (Outtake 2) - Steely Dan
Dream Attack (Demo) - New Order
Shadowplay (RCA Demo) - Joy Division
Monkey Gone To Heaven (Demo) - Pixies
Is There Life After Marrige (alt) - David Bowie
Walking With Jesus (Demo) - Spacemen 3
Joy of a Toy (Demo) - The Soft Machine 
Power To The People (demo) - Curtis Mayfield
Uphill [extended mono demo mix] - Can