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Circean - Shenorock records 1996 Edmonds Washington Indie

Circean - Shenorock records 1996 Edmonds Washington Indie Stoner Pop Rock

In the early 1990's Edmonds Washington was home to a band named Space Helmet, which featured two members (Ryan Shinn and Beth Liebling) who left to form their influential band HOVERCRAFT. After their departure Ryan Danner (Ryan McPherson) stepped in as guitarist and vocalist for Space Helmet along with Jeff Reilly and Danna Shinn . Space Helmet dissolved in the mid 1990's with Reilly and Shinn forming the space rock band MAGNOG. This record by Danner/McPherson under the name CIRCEAN is his first solo release. This is the ultimate in late 1990s outsider stoner pop music from Seattle.

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