Martin Radio: BEST OF 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

BEST OF 2017


Who doesn't like best of lists? Here are my favorite releases this year. 
I'm really happy with the music I shared in 2017, it was the year I hit my highest subscriber count on my now-closed channel, here's to meeting that number on my new channel in 2018!

Ssleeping Desiress - Can You Hear Me?
I had never heard of Ssleeping DesiresS before this song, it's just a one-off thing they released on bandcamp but wow I love it. Great post-punk jangle-pop type stuff, completely different from any of their other music. But one of my favorite songs this year.

JIL - Pink
All of JIL's music is amazing, this artist needs to be on your radar for 2018. 

Charli xcx - i got it
A. G. Cook has done amazing production here. Really happy to see him and the whole pcmusic crew creating forward thinking pop music. 

Xenoula - Caramello
Great experimental pop / electronic album, with great production by LA Priest!

Daphni - Life's What You Make It
The solo project from Caribou main guy whatever his name is, great album, the fabriclive mix also is awesome.

Jamire Williams - Futurism (Daphni Edit)
My favorite super short track from the fabriclive mix.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine 
Love the production from SebastiAn, one of my favorite ed banger members.

Soulwax - 'Is It Always Binary' 
From Deewee took a while for me to like, I'm still not a huge fan of some of the songs on the album but their live show is something else. Very rare to see a live show with actual art direction now a days, and this music video illustrates it perfectly.

Tenyson - Pancake Feet
Crazy interesting unique stuff from Tennyson.

Mk.gee - I know how you get
Essential indie pop

Yaeji - Raingirl
Love some unique house music

Ride - Lannoy Point
The return of Ride with amazing production by Erol Alkan!

Tierra Whack - MUMBO JUMBO
Beautiful music video and moody song, MODERN!!

SOPHIE - Ponyboy
I remember seeing SOPHIE live in 2016, SOPHIE has so many amazing unreleased songs, I've been listening to live concert bootlegs for YEARS, need more releases!!!

Kelly Lee Owens - Evolution
Great synth-pop acid electronic stuff, amazing album!

infinite bisous - w/love [full album]
Amazing album, teleports me to a different more melancholy place. 

Vince Staples - Yeah Right
Crazy SOPHIE production on this track, sophie has to be one of my favorite artists rn, such a unique and recognizable production style. Need more sophie!!

Charly Bliss - Westermark
The most indie song I've ever heard. Makes me feel like I'm at summer camp. 

Men I Trust - Tailwhip
Love men i trust, need more of their music!!

Cloudface - baby j
moodhut deep house, need I say more?

Pyramides - Vacíos y variables [Full Album]
great indie rock album from a south american band

well that's my list, here's to 2018! more uploads, more mixes, more new things, I hope I've helped people discover new music!!

- martin