Martin Radio: Johnny Pate ‎– "The Killing" Shaft TV Series Soundtrack

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Johnny Pate ‎– "The Killing" Shaft TV Series Soundtrack

Johnny Pate ‎– "The Killing" Shaft TV Series Soundtrack 
1973 US
Jazz / Soul / Funk

The original "Shaft" movie soundtrack featured Issac Hayes, the sound track for the TV series was done by Johnny Pate. This is the soundtrack for the episode "The Killing" which originally aired on October 30, 1973.


  1. Hi Martin , first of all thank you a lo for all that music....This is CRAZY and lovely. I was wondering if maybe you have the two OST missing of those Shaft Tv please ? it's the Cop killers & the kidnapping one. If you have them that would be lovely if you can post them. Have a good day , a good week end. And once AGAIN a huge thank you for all those musics you've been posted for yeard I see NOW. Thank you , keep that magnificient useful work up .
    Musicaly , Joss.

  2. good idea.
    The Kidnapping:

    Cop Killers:

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