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Friday, December 21, 2018

BEST OF 2018

BEST OF 2018🔥

Hello xxxx these are my favorite songs from this year, scroll along and read or just click this:

YouTube Playlist

New stuff:

IC3PEAK's latest Сказка album is probably my favorite album of the year because of what this Russian rap group is doing. Actively touring in secret while the Russian government is trying to shut them down / threatening them. Touring in whats essentially a dictatorship sounds hard, but their music is very good, modern bass / electronic / trap stuff.

Smoke (Remix) - Blood Orange and Yves Tumor featuring Ian Isiah
Best part of this song is Yves Tumor, who's new album was one of my favorites this year. Really interesting to hear the mix of harsh noise and very radio friendly pop. 

It's been a wild ride following this album, hopefully SOPHIE does release the alleged 3 more albums soon. This album is also grammy nominated which is crazy considering how weird it is, I really hope SOPHIE wins, would love to see her acceptance speech. 

Sophie was also hard at work with amazing productions like this song by Let's Eat Grandma:

Tommy Cash - ¥€$
Great album with amazing production by A.G.Cook, Danny L Harle, Amnesia Scanner and more. Horse B4 Porsche is a hilarious song, and XRAY is prolly one of my favorite music videos of the year.

Kagunga SDA Choir-Ni heri kuchagua moja (Sengerema Mwanza)
Awesome YouTube channel find.

paul triste alain seul - les jeunes fous font de vieux sales (avec Masul Morose)
French electronic - indie - punk

Sharda x Shanique Marie - Wanna Know 
Modern UK Garage type music. Very good and danceable.

F it up - Louis Cole (Live Sesh)

Found this online and thought it was good !

Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

Eartheater — Inclined

Enjoy - Small Car Big Wheels
weirdly electronic from Enjoy, but still really nice.

Tyree and Isis feat. Adonis - Passin Through The House - DJ Tyree Cooper Vocal Remix
Had this song on my phone for a while and always thought it was from the 90's, turns out it was released this year.

Chynna - practice

EASYFUN - Be Your USA feat. Iiris
future sounding pop

Phoenix - Fior Di Latte (A. G. Cook Remix)

Baauer - Company

Mk.gee - Come On

Capibara - Cattivi United

M.E.S.H - Inspired By True Story

Beach House - Lemon Glow
from that one new album

Amazing album and recently released Puff Daddy kills it too.

Yo Trabajo · La Goony Chonga

Jimmy Edgar - Burn So Deep (feat. DAWN)
Another Ultramagic killer release, Jimmy Edgar is recording stuff with some more rappers so I'm ridiculously excited to hear his 2019 output. One of the few artists who I will drop what I'm doing to listen to new releases.

Moments of Reality Jimmy Edgar & Pilar Zeta
Amazing cross-over between art, music, and design.

Donny Benét - Konichiwa 
Only good song off the album (but a great song)

Sango - Khlorine

LoVibe - ask me why

Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman
Awesome modern EBM / industrial electronic, weird, unclassifiable. 

The Internet - HIVE MIND
Comeone this album is great.

Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me
Heard in a boiler room yes maybe, but damn this song is great.

Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters
Pretty much what I expect from a Connan Mockasin album, smooth / soft / relaxing songs.

Daniel Avery - Diminuendo
A very different sound from Avery's previous releases, seems like he's cast off his synth-pop / house influences for a much more darker / minimal techno. Took me a while to get into the album but it has some great songs. 

Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of
Lot of great tracks of this album, The Station is my favorite.

Such a Sweet Ability - Bryan Kessler
Sisters & Brothers Vol. 4
Super cool electronic / experimental / techno EP, danceable and partially listenable. Would totally open a set up with this song. 

Sega Bodega - self*care
Have listened to s.bodega in the past but its nice to see a single amazing EP of music.

Lone - Ambivert Tools Volume Four
Great electronic EP that sort of gets away from the sounds I had associated most with Lone, sure there are still some rave-throwback drum&bass sounds, but tracks like Blue Moon Tree are more just great house songs, whole 3-track EP is great.  

Great new Seattle label, excited to see more releases.

JIL - Emotional Heat 4a Cold Generation
JIL finally released their amazing singles on an album with some other great tracks inbetween. 


Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe (1980-1991)
Music From Memory
Another great compilation from MFM, fav two tracks are No Lie and Pictures Of Departure

Apples - Mind Twister
Odion Livingstone
Funky and apply themed (healthy).

Carl Stone
Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties
Unseen Worlds
Soothing / relaxing / experimental early electronic.

Band Aid ‎– A Tour In Italy 
Best Record Italy
So happy to have this finally repressed, have been looking for an HD version of the (dub) forever.

Sacred Mixes Vol. IV "Magnum Opus"
DJ Sacred (self-released)

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