Martin Radio: [MIX] Black Hebrew Israeli Funk / Soul

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

[MIX] Black Hebrew Israeli Funk / Soul

Black Hebrew Israeli Funk / Soul

Music from the 70's Black Hebrew Israelites movement.
The Sons of the Kingdom were part of the "Black Hebrews" movement of the '70s, in which African Americans traveled to Israel (often by way of Liberia) from Detroit and Chicago to establish a new Zion. The center of the movement, Ben Carter, was a steel worker and theologian who encouraged many to make the exodus, including many musicians and singers. The Sons of the Kingdom formed from a group of American singers who all landed in the same kibbutz in 1974. Carter (who was calling himself Ben Ammi at this time) gave them new names - Mahtsahel, Tsadekiel, Zahkahriel, and Khazriel were soon touring Israel with the other groups of emigrant musicians, including the Soul Messengers, the Tonistics, and the Soul Expressions.

1. Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization
2. שליחי הנשמה- מי
3. Sons Of The Kingdom - Hey There
4. שליחי הנשמה -הושיענו אדוננו
5. Soul Messengers - Equilibrium
6. שליחי הנשמה - בת שבע
7. The Soul Messengers - Do It
8. The Soul Messengers - Wouldn't it be a shame
9. The Intentions - Blowing wit
10. Tonistics - Dimona (Spiritual Capital of The World)
11. Soul Messengers - Prince Of Zeal
12. The Spirit Of Israel & Soul Messengers - Daniel
13. Soul Messengers - Junky Baby
14. Soul Messengers & The Spirit Of Israel - Burn Devil Burn
15. The Spirit Of Israel & Soul Messengers - A Place To Be

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