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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The South Side Movement – Southside Movement
1973, US
Funk / Soul

The band hail from Chicago, with no less than eight wonderful ingredients for your auditory pleasure: vocals (Melvin Moore), guitar (Bobby Pointer), keyboard (Morris Beeks), bass (Ronald Simmons), drums (Willie Hayes), alto saxophone (Milton Johnson), trumpet (Stephen Hawkins), and trombone (Bill McFarland). They started out as the backing band of the funkalicious duo, Simtec & Wylie, probably most famous for their glorious ‘Gotta get over the hump’, among others from the early 70s.  However the pair parted company in 1973, which may have precipitated the move of their backing band to the Wand label where they secured a record deal.  Their eponymous debut came out the same year (the first of three in total) with a rather fetching tablecloth advertisement on its cover.  I’ll assume that the gentleman refusing to be part of a picnic hamper is the lead singer

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