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Saturday, June 24, 2017

YU - Recordings 1982-1987
Synth-pop, Punk, New Wave, Experimental

Full album: (in a nice playlist)

YU are Dwaine Woodliff, his brother David and Gaylon. When the punk ethic of do it yourself-thing hit Austin/Texas in the early 80s, they also decided to actually record some songs and released them on cassette. “We Are YU” was released in 1982 on their own label 'Home Productions'

Release compiles the best of various cassette releases:
A1 to A8 were previously released on We Are Yu (1982).
B1 to C3 were previously released on Illusion Of Control (1985).
C4 and C5 were previously released on Art & Guns" (1986).
D1 to D7 were previously released on Songs of Science (1987).

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